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These eye-clean pieces of the light pink and very light green materials. These are ideal facetable m..
Often referred to as naturally occurring glass because they have same properties with glass except t..
These clean awesome lot of Pale to an almost medium Pink and Peachy Pink Nigerian Morganite. The lot..
Eye-clean colorless quartz crystals ideal for faceting into calibrated stones. ..
These are gem quality doubly terminated quartz crystals in various sizes; these can be faceted or us..
These are really bright gem quality smoky quartz ideal for the gem enthusiast.  ..
Bright green stable material - value priced! This material can also be treated to enhance clarity an..
Magnificently scintillating Super blue Materials. ..
Bright vibrant colors (blue, green, yellow, white, gray) parcel of nice faceting material running ro..
Nice but a slightly dark material that can easily be treated (Heat or Diffusion) to much lighter blu..