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Awesomely beautiful purple blue stones; these are mainly water worn stones in goon nice pieces, with..
Super clean, alluvial pebbles cut brilliant gemstones. This material is a great substitute for diamo..
Super clean, alluvial pebbles that will cut brilliant and beautiful gemstones. This material is a gr..
A great new discovery in tourmaline - sparkling, bright, transparent Achroite crystals; some with sl..
Well-shaped, highly stable and bright material in a mix of natural, bi-color shades. Mined in Ofiki,..
Glossy and brilliant crystals of dark/ink blue Tourmaline crystals. These are ideal materials for cu..
This deep green material includes a variety of green hues and can be hand-selected to your specifica..
An exciting, electric blue tourmaline that derives its color from the presence of copper manganese. ..
Sparkling crystals, well saturated in vivid neon-blue color. Mined near the city of Ilorin in South ..
Excellent, light grass-green tourmaline, with scintillating color - highly transparent. Mined in the..