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Neon to bright green tourmaline; this is a most for all faceters to have because it creates one of t..
Fabulous gem rough - the color of Brazil's Paraiba, but mined in Nigeria! This material is slightly ..
Bright green, purple, reddish tourmalines displaying unique dichroic to pleochroism - crystal axes s..
Some of the best hot pink tourmaline ever mined in Nigeria. ..
A faceter's bargain. Heat treatment greatly enhances the color of these dark green crystals tinted w..
Slightly included, long and blocky crystals in a variety of core/rind color combinations. Mined in O..
Clean, stable, bright yellow tourmaline - excellent cutting material. Mined in South Western Nigeria..
Bright orange-red, eyeclean material; all hand-selected directly from the mine. ..
Hand-selected, stable, eyeclean stones in a mix of natural white, honey and brown colors. ..
Scintillating, bright red, ruby-colored material. Mined in the states of Central Nigeria. ..